Live Lessons and other Developments

Master Yue returns from China on the 8th October, once home he will complete the arrangements to give live lessons from his house.  This will make it much easier for him to give the lessons and will improve the quality of the video available.

Full details of the lessons will be given through the WeChat channel Tai Chi Centre UK.  WeChat is a Chinese social media platform that appears to work all over the world, the app is available for iPhone and Android as well as PC and Mac.  Once you have WeChat installed search for “Liming” and request to join, or send Master Yue an email with your WeChat id.

To receive the live streams you will need to be a member of this site. Membership is free!

We will soon be testing the email function of this site to give you more information about the live streaming.

We have been made aware of a problem with some orders where the links are not sent.  The problem maybe that PayPal is not telling this site that payment has been made or it may be that sent email is not getting through.  If you have this problem please use the Contact Form to let us know.

Security: We will be introducing the https (secure web page) into parts of the site that deal with the store and then the membership.  Some of the links will change so some bookmarks may not work.

Page_id: If you look at the address of the other pages on this site you will see that they have a meaningless numeric identification.  We are looking at changing this so that the it is meaningful.  Once we are happy that we know what we want we will put an explanation on this page.